I forgot

Posted January 23, 2007 by plumfan
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I forgot to mention the name of the pattern from yesterday.  It is called Branched Fern.  It is a free pattern that Rochelle created.  You can find the pattern on her blog, Yosemite’s Knitting AddictionYosemite’s Knitting Addiction.  Look for the Branched Fern button on the right hand side.  She is also running a KAL for this pattern that you can find here.

Happy knitting all.


Why yes, I have . . .

Posted January 22, 2007 by plumfan
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been busy.  Why do you ask? 

 So, It’s been a few weeks since I posted, but I really wanted to get my January socktopia socks done and have been spending my time working on those and a few other projects.

 So here are the socks.

Branched Fern

Another, slightly blurry shot. 


 One last close-up of the ankle.


Happy New Year!

Posted January 1, 2007 by plumfan
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liberty-socks-001resize.jpgI don’t know how you spent your new year but it was wild and crazy here at Chez Plum.  Hubby spent the evening on the computer doing . . .well . . . whatever it is he does while I finished up my Liberty Socks.  Finally a pair of socks, that fit, for me and only me!

Here are the finished socks.  They are done toe-up and I used a simple uneven rib pattern.  It really made the socks fit great but a 2 row repeat is reeeeeaalllllyy boring once you hit the cuff.   Anyway, the socks get their name from the yarn.  I used Lorna’s Laces Sheppherd Sock in the Liberty colorway.  The yarn was great and fun to work with.

 toe of sock        Half decent pic of the short row heel

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but trying to put up full size shots is not working so click on the thumbnails for a better view.

Socktopia started today and I have some lovely blue yarn I intend to use for a pattern a friend talked me into doing but I couldn’t start on it today.  The husband of my mom’s cousin died Friday and instead of working on socks for me I started working on a prayer shawl for her.  I’m not particularly religious but I know her faith is important to her so I hope that the shawl will give her some comfort.  I had plenty of Homespun around but not enough of one color so it’s going to be striped.  I hope it ends up looking tasteful and planned and not just thrown together.


Christmas Gifts are Done!

Posted December 29, 2006 by plumfan
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Well  said I would try to get some knitting gifts posted and here they are, along with the people who got them.  I am a terrible picture taker and I think I only got one good one.

Bro5 Minnesota Winter Hat   Here is the hat I knit for Bro5.  I followed a free pattern from the web but knit it in the round instead of flat and seeming.  Mostly because I suck at seeming.

 Mom’s Shawl click for a bigger picture   Bro4’s Sock’s                                         

The other 2 gifts I was able to get pictures of were just my family being goofy.  On top is my mom with her Mystery Stole 2006.  You can’t tell from the picture but this sucker was loooong.  Almost twice as long as my mom is tall.  On the bottom in Bro4.  (Ladies he’s young and single)  I made him the Gentleman’s Socks from Knitting Vintage Socks.  I mostly followed the pattern except I did them toe-up with a short-row toe and heel.  You can’t really see, but they turned out really awsome.  And they fit really, really well.

 Well I’ll be seeing more family in Jan. and I hope to get some more pics.  Right now I’m going to get back to finishing the socks I’ve been working on for me.  I’m trying to get them done before the Socktopia 2007 KAL starts on Sun.

Hello world!

Posted December 28, 2006 by plumfan
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Well I’m going to give this blog thing another try.  I’m going to try to get some Christmas knitting pictures up soon.